Precious Objects

A playful piece on the particular close relationship we build with seemingly multiplied industrial objects, such as a pen (that has twenty years with me), a pair of shoes (twenty years with me), a now antique mobile phone. And weird objects, such as a particular reflection of light, a Rohrschach-like contour seen in a floor tile, …

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[hh 06/03/17; 20/03/17]

The piece employs the principle of permutation in several ways. There is one element more (9) than there are screens (8), each element exists in four variants—for example, the left and the right shoe, the pen with the cap open and with the cap closed, etc.—and each element and variant rotates either clock- or counter-clockwise, at slightly different speeds. Because of the spatial layout of the inner space, it is possible that the two variants of an objects are seen together from a particular perspective, or they are separated by viewing angle, or only one variant is selected, or an object is not selected at all. All objects have been photographed on a blue fond, and the piece is also trying out the ambiguity between still image and moving image.

Some objects had been lost and recovered in the years—the pen—some appear in other forms in the installation—the pen was used to write into the notebook, the contour retraced from the floor title is mentioned in the fragments—and there are also cross-links within the piece—a blotch of ink from the pen appears in a variant of a grey fabric. Other objects have dissolved after the end of the exhibition—the phone drowned in the washing machine, along with hundreds of contact data, and now awaits an embalmment ceremony.

{group: precious}

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artwork: preciousObjects
author: HHR
kind: note
project: ImperfectReconstruction
place: ESC

keywords: [industrial objects, relationship,video,installation]