We would like to thank the Belfast Festival at Queen's; Elizabeth McLaughlin, and the whole team at the PEC who welcomed this project; Craig Jackson, David Bird, Glenn Gallegher, Kirk Shilliday, Ross McDade, and Mary Tumalty at the School of Creative Arts, Queen's University Belfast, for all the creative solutions that made the project possible; the BBC Northern Ireland for providing footage of the construction of the PEC Building; Una Monaghan, Mike Whan, Chris Reid, Pip Shea, and Jiann Hughes for making the first acoustic tests possible; Una MacCann and John D'Arcy for lending their voices; Chrysoula Drakaki and Manuel Henriques for their help behind the scenes; and a very special thank you to John, Clara, Michael, Patrick, the musicians, and Richard O'Sullivan for playing ball.

Project concept, script, sound/image materials, production and direction
Diogo Alvim & Matilde Meireles

Producers and red line tapers
Clara Kane & John D’Arcy

Diogo Alvim

Film & live feed
Richard O’Sullivan

Squash players
Michael Taylor & Patrick Flack

Brass players
Amy Wilson (flugelhorn), Ashley Elliot (tuba), Brian McNarry (trumpet), David Bird (cornet), Edward Wilson (Euphonium), Hazel Wilson, (tenor horn), and Stephen Kelly (trombone)

Una McCann & John D’Arcy