Matilde Meireles

United Kingdom (residence), Portugal (citizenship)
research interests: Extended listening, Multi-sensoriality in sound, Physicality of the virtual, Participation and collaboration in Sound Art, Documentation as a creative tool, field recording, Walking, place-making, and mapping, Micro and extra-human sound
affiliation: University of Oxford

Matilde Meireles is a sound artist-researcher who makes use of field recordings to compose site-oriented projects. Her projects have a multi-sensorial and multi-perspective approach to site which draws from her studies and experience in areas such as sound art, site-specific visual arts and design. They are also informed by a longstanding interest in environmental sciences, architecture and geography. Her work is presented regularly in the form of concerts, installations, releases, and community-based projects.


Matilde often highlights collaboration and participation as catalysts for a shared understanding of place, developing project-based or long-term collaborations. She holds a PhD in Sonic Arts from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, and is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Oxford in the project Sonorous Cities: Towards a Sonic Urbanism (SONCITIES).


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