Winter Images


This is an electroacoustic work consisting of 5 movements. The  files reveals parts of the working process. A recording of Salvatore Sciarrino's short piece for violin solo Per Mattia (1975) is available in a recording lasting 1'56''. This could well match the length of Marco Rogliano's recording. A large number of files seem named after the Sciarrino piece and the digital processing used on the recording, for instance "Per M - freeze".

The attached pdf from 2013 shows how the different "Per M" processings are renamed as Winter Images movements.1 As described, the first movement has more of the original bowing sounds, while the second movement is more sinewave-like. There are only slight differences in duration between the movements, showing the not much has been done to the original timing of Sciarrinos piece.


Ruben Sverre Gjertsen