{HH 17-Apr-18} I was thinking of a 'disc' at the centre of module B's body, suspended from the head. Now using small metal sticks to left the test plates from the floor, perhaps this is another opportunity? It would do away with the wires. On the other hand, you would not be able to move your ear close to the plate, which may take away the possibility to listen to 'tiny' sounds.


{HH 17-Apr-19} Wow, exactly a year later than the first photos from beta. I collected again these containers, testing a gray "concrete" type of colour.



Körper α

Körper β

Körper γ

{HH 10-Aug-18} In the end, format is determined also by very practical questions - what is the largest piece that fits into the oven? How can we pack it to travel with us on the plane?

The ceramics picks up the traces from the floor on which it was moulded.

{HH 17-Apr-19} Actuator-wise, I'm planning to use plain mechanical relays and their clicking sound. They create a sufficient resonance inside the containers, being suspended in the middle.

But also the floor picks up traces from the ceramics. Traces are always bidirectional exchanges.