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{hhr, 21-may-2018}

Test shot with optical lens, now using stochastic sampling (and only one brightness level), making it more akin to what is going to happen in the GNG. The strange scattering is a bug somewhere with the conversions and aggregation of spherical coordinates; but I like it, so perhaps it stays that way. If we get around 12 to 16 fps, this is solved.

{hhr, 23-may-2018}

Mounting the eye inside the porcelain casing is not that simple, I made a few holes which can be used to attach it with wire, but the design can certainly be improved (next time).

{hhr, 19-may-2018}

Using John Burkardt's library to calculate voronois on a unit sphere.For N = 5, we have three quadrilaterals, and two triangles.

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{hhr, 21-may-2018}

Fibonacci-based spherical coordinate generator for quasi-uniform distribution. We try with 2.9 million points, then separate them by Voronoi, in order to be able to quickly map the input sonogram. The coordinate generating algorithm produces its own "strange spectra".