This is my  background for creating Human Migration.  Through many of theese projects I have met a lot young as well as older citizens dealing with the challenge of becoming fully integrated. The big flow in 2015 of migrants coming to Europe made the project nesseacary for me to do. A lot of voices in society were against the migration wave. ‘We do not want it’ sounded from Politicians and the news. So because I met so many wonderful people with diverse backgrounds, I really felt: We must be able to do something else, to tell other stories about these wonderful people who are enriching us and not ‘spoiling’ our society, or whatever people were saying.

The summer  of 2015 I read a book by Kristoffer Frøkjær and Eske Willerslev "He makes the dead alive" (Gyldendal ) Eske Willerslev is a scientist researching geogenetics, ancient history and migration. And he said that if we do not migrate, if cultures do not mix, humanity will die. He was an interesting voice. I contacted him and got a cooperation going with one of his PhD students, and from that the project Human Migration developed, this was very inspiring to read and contributed to develop the project HUMAN MIGRATION .


Background continued

§ 50 - PLACED :
This project was about young people who in childhood had been placed in foster care or in foster homes.Though this work I discovered the carefull balance it is to work with very troubled young people.

The dilemma of tending to their breakdowns and working artistic . It was nessesary to maintain to stay within the profession I know as a director and not try to be a thearpist. There was a lot of ethical considerations to incoorperate in the project


This project was about dyslexia. The major challenge was how to develop the written stories, I could not ask them to write because the obivious difficulties they had in writing, so we had to invent other ways of making these stories present. They became earch otheres interviewers and recorded the stories and we had the interviews transcribed, we based a lot of the material on framed improvisations