These were the different artistic concept that I developed. As an exstra possibillity, It was an idea to make an online book of concepts, because so many ideas arose, while my colleagues were working, and I could imagine a remake of several of the workshops. For example, I imagined a whole sportshall with hundreds of people sharing stories through the things they had brought along, clothes  for instance, and get to know each other this way. Or like Charlottes idea: What if we made a common folk costume instead of the national folk costume? She has actually started this with the people from the workshop. And Yann worked with something where you walked around, there was no centre. This idea has unfolded further in Yanns own artistic project "the dramaturgy of sound".

Potentials in ideas developed through the research

1.Re - enactment of workshops in society.
2.Online bank for artistic interventions and projects.

     (open source)

3.Developing the artists own projects.