Creating frames for the artistic work developed in my studies the diploma in cultural management. Jan Molin, from  Copenhagen Business School has been, for my practice, ground-shaking or transformative.

He writes:  ‘A major showdown with the major management thought is the idea of refraining from substance control. An alternative management law can thus be decided as a framework and a process control. And such principles are the managerial challenge in risking letting go of supervision and direct influence on decisions and solutions. The management task is instead to create framework conditions and to facilitate initiative for the development processes that extend the range of action for co-workers. The rule of thumb here is that the more content is open, the more you have to manage frame and processes. The more leaders leave analyses of assessment and decisions to a group of co-workers, the more they must provide and maintain clear, well-structured and authorise framework conditions for work’.Molin, Jan (2003) – Organisation og ledelse – i et udviklingsperspektiv "Leading capacity" Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen

The difference between being the one who manages and  controls content and the one who makes frames for others to create content. It really inspired me, to read this, and it changed my practice without This thinking has evolved  into artistic response - a metod developed to make this thinking possible - A way to co-create scenic material.


Somehow this represent the essence of frame work captured in a short gif.