Frames for Workshops:

•1 or more Migrant performers.
•An element of science.


•3 day preparation.
•2 days workshop.
•Open doors Thursday.


•Lecture from scientist to artist.
•Artist formulates workshop.
•Reflection group.
•Presentation of workshop.

    (by migrant performers)

The design of the workshops in the research project was as follows: The workshops the artists developed, had to be about co-creation. The particitating artists had to involve one or more migrant performers. We had to include an element of science. The 8 one week workshops was excecuted in august september 2018. Each week consisted of three days of preparation, two days of workshops. Beforehand we were given lectures by the three scientists about their field og knowlegde, on that background the artist created the frames for their own workshop. I had invited a reflection group of five with migration background to follow the workshop, we refelcted upon different ways to percieve the approach: ‘How did this work? What did we generate?’  After completing the eight weeks, I felt that I was very much in control despite, wanting to let go of the control. I did not really move myself as much as I intended to. So when we presented an abbriviation of all the workshops, I actually asked the migrant performers to take over: ‘You do the the presentation of workshops. The framework was: one minute with each artists workshop design, seven minutes where the migrants attempted to re-enact the method including the audience as participants, so the audience becomes the performers. I found it was interesting to let an experiment migrate from the performers to a new group. 5 of the 8 workshops is presented in the in the following reflection.