As humans, we wear many labels that may be based on specific life circumstances that we do not control ourselves. Whether you are a skilled scientist, a fun tango dancer, or whatever other qualities and abilities you may have in life, this will often fade because of the stigmatising or reducing labels that are attached to us. When you constitute a minority in the community, you will often be reduced to just that. Not all the other things that actually make you a human being. For example, refugee is not something you are. It is something you do.


I  did this investigation, where I took photographs and would like to ask: ‘What do you think, when you see these pictures?’ And when they had to choose two words?  The spectators often mentioned their etnicity. But who do the person in the foto describe  themselves ; Amina here, she said that she was a ‘cosy minister’ and she was good at being in the present. Babak, he said that he was a chessnerd and a poet. So what is the difference between how you judge people from the outside and how you formulate yourself from the inside.