Güney Ozcan

Subhan Moughal

Taira Rzazade


Monia Sander  

concept art

Cahit Ece

And these are the colleagues I invited to try to do small workshops with the performers the all have different artistic baggrounds.  

I collaborated with these three scientists,  The first, Moritz Schramm with a german background,  had a research project called Post-Migration that tried to think of society as: ‘This is how it is. There is no going back to a time before migration. How do we coexist in this situation we are in?’ Peter de Barros Damgaard is a PhD student in geogenetics and has a brazillian background. Babak Vakili, is both a rapper, and has a background in political science as well. He is a very close co-worker whom I have been working with in contact projects, and he has an Iranian background. 

Moritz Schramm


Mikkel Flyvholm


Arash Mosaddegh

Azra Choudhary


Performers with migration experience

These are the people I invited to join the Human Migration project. Many of them I had been working with before, and some of them are new. I wanted to have performers with migration experience.

Amina Tornak


Yann Coppier 

sound design


Andreas Liebman

political performance

Abbas M Roueh


Artists as workshopleaders

Peter de Barros Damgaard 

Dana Alshihaby



Xinxin Ren Gudbjörnsson

Evrim Benli

Charlotte Østergaard 

costume design


Ralf Richardt Strøbech


Walid Ahmed

Naghmeh Mahmoudi Kashani

Babak Vakili

Wahid Sui


Michael Breiner

lighting design

Solaf Masoud

Jessica Barkani

Noura Bittar Søborg

Sahar Afshar

Jordanne-Marie Allen