Försök att tömma tid och skriv två lördagar i omlottMinna Heikinaho and Lena Séraphin in Ett annat alfabet – konstnärligt skrivande. Eds Moa Franzén, Anna Nyström and Pia Sandström, graphic design Jonas Williamsson, translation Barbro Enckell. Kritiker – nordisk tidskrift för litterär kritik och essäistik, no. 38 (2015): 140-149. Click icon to the right for text in Swedish.



Omspelning-Replay-Uusintaotto-Repetición.    Hami Bahadori, Moa Franzén, Ulrika Gomm, Minna Heikinaho, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Joanne Lee, Jaime Mena de Torres, Pia Sandström and Lena Séraphin. Graphic design Jonas Williamsson. Curator Juha-Heikki Tihinen. Pro Artibus Foundation, 2017. Click icon to the right for multilingual book.

Havaita ja kirjoittaaMinna Heikinaho and Lena Séraphin in Poetics of Form. Eds Outi Condit and Liisa Jaakonaho. Nivel no. 08 (2017). Click link for article and soundsample in Finnish and Swedish. https://nivel.teak.fi/poetics-of-form/lena-seraphin-ja-minna-heikinaho-havaita-ja-kirjoittaa/ 


Fyra barn. En hund. En tunn solstråle. 96:an. Klockan är två. Lena Séraphin in Suo, kuokka ja diversiteetti. Eds Markku Eskelinen and Leevi Lehto. Helsinki: ntamo, 2018. Click icon to the right for essay in Swedish.

A first writing experiment took place on Saturday July 14 

2014 when seven artists took note of their undertakings. The writers were Minna Heikinaho, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Joanne LeePia Sandström, Ulrika Gomm, Petri Kaverma and Lena SéraphinInstead of three days, as for Perec, we had 24 hours. But, there were other shifts, too. Perec inserted himself into both public space and text as a certain recurrent writer. As we notated reoccurring events in our undertakings, movements, affects, actions and engagements we also inserted ourselves into something. If it was not narration, what could it be? 

Publications on collaborative writing 2015-2018

Attempts at Voiding Time and Intertwining two Saturdays consists of two intertwined notations from separate locations on July 14 2014 by Minna Heikinaho and Lena Séraphin. It is published in a special issue of Kritiker on artistic writing entitled An Other Alphabet


The title of the work, Perceive and Write, registers its own genre and the merging of perception and writing. Writing on behalf of bodily observations is an affirmative act, and the presence within the observed space outlines a practice of bodily writing. 

This essay (in Swedish) discusses artistic experiments that attempt to portray a public place with words, and asks about the relation between a public place and its written rendition. The attempt is to develop artistic methods and test how they can alter dominant narratives.


Inspired by Georges Perec and his experimental book An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris from 1975 nine artists were brought together in Ekenäs, Finland, for three days in August, 2017, to make notes while on the town square. These notes have subsequently been compiled into a kind of written index of the square Rådhustorget. The aim of this attempt at writing is to try to give shape to a public space using words, and to situate ourselves in reciprocal text.