Rewording was performed twice in Helsinki, during the opening of the RP#3 Info Lab on 24/10 and on 26/10 as the beginning of the symposium on the outcomes of the Research Pavilion #3, 2019. Both events took place at the Exhibition Laboratory, and the readers were Ulla Prami, Lena Séraphin, Minna Heikinaho, Emma Cocker, Maarit Mustonen and Bartaku. Works shown in exhibition by Andrea Coyotzi Borja, Bartaku and Suvi Nurmi together with all 50 texts written during Wording - Collaborative Writing in Public Space, 2019.

The Temporary Agora facilitated by Anni Laakso, in the background printed work by Jaana Kokko, Wording works by Bartaku, Andrea Coyotzi Borja and Suvi Nurmi.On the structure the texts from the workshop Wording - Collaborative Writing in Public Space, 2019. The installment of the Temporary Agora at the Info Lab was a continuation of the temporal sculptural construction facilitated by Anni Laakso at the Research Pavilion in Venice. 


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Rewording at RP #3 Info Lab 24/10 and 26/10 at Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.

Rewording 24/10/2019 at RP#3 Info Lab 


Readers in videos: Bartaku (00:57) + Maarit Mustonen (1:20) 

Emma Cocker (00:57) + Minna Heikinaho (00:32) 

Video and edit by: Hannu Kärenlampi

Reader: Ulla Prami, photograph by Johanna Fredriksson

In the background: works by Tuula Närhinen and AIRA.

Wording text and soundrecording by Suvi Nurmi installed at RP #3 Info Lab. Click icon below for text and sound in Finnish. 

Duration of soundrecordings from top 15:32, 18:32 and 13:52.