Wording is about shaping a public space using words and positioning ourselves in shared spaces and reciprocated texts. Wording has a performative quality as the writers in public space are being observed themselves, and the question is if this collective writing experiment acts as a countertext to the commodification of our corporeal selves. The subtitle Collaborative Writing in Public Space is a provocation to think about how we communicate and have an impact on each other when being in or traversing public sites.

50 artists took part in the workshop organised 12–14 June 2019 within Dispruptive Processes at the Research Pavilion #3. 16 writers notated in Venice and 34 in different locations such as Málaga in Spain, Medellín in Colombia, Arco in Italy, Greenville in North Carolina, Marksjön in Sweden, Warsaw in Poland, Baden in Germany, Castlewarren in the County of Kilkenny, Ireland, Helsinki in Finland and Houston in Texas.

Wording - Collaborative Writing in Public Space 2019 was one of the five Disruptive Processes workshops at the Research Pavilion #3 in Venice.

Sensory Expertise article by Mervi Itkonen/Kaskas Media, published 29/5/2019 on Uniarts website. Click icon to the right or link https://www.researchpavilion.fi/news//asset_publisher/IdwokuiuAebS/content/sensoryexpertise_101_INSTANCE_IdwokuiuAebS_redirect=%2Fnews

The Temporary Agora, a collaborative sculpture facilitated by Anni Laakso, was an outcome of one of the Disruptive Processes workshops at the Research Pavilion #3 in Venice 2019. On the structure texts from the workshop Wording - Collaborative Writing in Public Space facilitated by Lena Séraphin. In the background to the left the videowork Disrupt by akcg and to the right The Reading Circle by Jaana Kokko. Banner by Jaana Kokko. Photos by Anni Laakso.

Wording – Collaborative Writing in Public Space, 2019

Wording texts will be gathered here

Open Call and Manual to Wording - Collaborative Writing in Public Space 2019. Click icons for pdf.