Figure 7 Experimentations with the uncoding of semiotic signs, such as arrows, highlighting and covering information.

Figure 4: Momarken horse racing ground: A geographical spot with  historic significance: Soldier baraques for Nazi German troops 1940, Soviet forec labourers baraques 1943, Grini prisoners 1945, plans for concentration camp (never completed) 1945, Polish DP 1945-47, Jewish DP 1947-48, social housing 1948-ca 1955, amusement park 1950-2013, social housing 2020-? Illustration by the author.

Figure 2: Prelude to the performance. Click image to see film. Camera/sound: Marek Woloszyn. Video edit: Thanee Andino.

Figure 11 Music from Siberia builds on multimodal theory.

The action of the fabula brought  forward by actors with vectors pointing towards goals, and reactors responding to the message.

Figure 5 Graphic representation according to Crispin's model.

Figure 6  Markmaking 1: Click on media to play.  Illuminating and erasing information. Video: Marek Woloszyn

Figure 2: Z as a soldier i Polish uniform 1938. Digital  illustration by the author.

Figure 8 Dilemmas of representation: Protecting privacy or

resulting in the opposite?

Digital illustration by the author.

Figure 10 In Todorov's model, the protagonist returns back, but has been changed by the events.

Figure 3: A timeline of Z's life.

Figure 9 Various narrator positions according to Genette..