What has been forgotten...

is never something purely individual

- Walter Benjamin


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This project investigates examines what happens when illustration practice is executed outside its traditional realm. Beginning with central topoi in visual storytelling such as ‘character/ actor’, ‘scenography/ environment’ ‘narrative images' ’dramaturgy’/’plot’ and 'style', the project investigates these topics solemnly through sound practice. The mediated content of the project is the layered history of a small suburban place of south east Norway, Momarken; an ancient market place and arena for horse racing, that had a near escape from becoming the last Nazi-German concentration camp built on European territory. Exploring relevant archives, local witnesses, newspapers from the period we ask: Who gets attention in such a public space? What politics of rememberance lies behind the stories being told? Who has the power in these stories? What is the nature of their power, and how do they use it? May the transposition from illustration to sound lead to “another thought,” ? May our  interventions influence the spatial silence or noise in this public environment?

Thanee Rene Andino Meija  is project leader of the research in Sound as Illustration. The project is an integral part of the artistic research project Illuminating the Non-Representable. The material will be presented as experiments of sounds in different formats, such as transforming a code based on the research on swell waves developed by Ana Carrasco from The Meteorological Institute of Oslo to sound and other formats (Kollias, 2011), exploring soundscapes (Aburawis, & Dokmeci Yorukoglu 2018), soundwalking (Behrendt 2018, Thulin, 2019), embodied sound (LaBelle, B. 2018)  (McCartney, 2016), timbre, making sound installations (Larsson, J. 2018), podcast etc.


October 9-11, 2020 Bergen:

The first sound as illustration project was made by Fredrik Rysjedal in 2020, exhibited as a sound installation open for the general public at Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design with the title HOW LONG DID YOU STAY  IN THE WATER? This sound installation was created from wave algorithms provided by researcher Ana Carrasco at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Oslo. Fredrik Rysjedal and Arthur Hureau transposed the data into a composition that lasted three hours; the same timeframe as the event it described: The sinking of the prisoner's ship Palatia on October 21rst 1942.


October 30th, 2021 Bergen

Based in the same research material, the experimental illustration performance MUSIC FROM SIBERIA uses voice, gestures, mark-making, visual material and sound to illuminate the ethical challenges we experienced in this project. Who should be in the image? What voices should be heard? Are there stories that deserve to be told, despite the sensitive information embedded?

July 2022, Momarken

The project is now at a stage of wrapping up archive research, interviews etc. Working with sound experiments such as sound walk, podcast, foley sound and leitmotif,  we envision to be able to communicate the fascinating and unique history, almost forgotten 80 years after these events.  The work is estimated to be concluded and presented by autumn 2023. 

August 2022, Momarken/Bergen


 One of the topics that has been much dsicussed in the project is the question for whom is the project important? Who should we try to reach? All along the intention has been to reach a youn audience (ae group 15-19). Finding a mediation style that would address such an audience was what we pondered; was podcast the right choice? Would not a sound walk better engage an audience; walking and listening in the same area as the story unfolds in? In June a meeting was held between Indre Østfold Municipality  and  the project group. A regional Democracy Center is planned for the local fortress. Working with the same values; addressing otherness, extremism and societal challenges, we saw the possibility of a closer cooperation. In August a cooperation is initated with the local secondary school, Mysen Videregående skole, to cocreate a soundwalk that goes from Monaryggen to Momarken. In spring a massive historic research has been more or less concluded, with visits to Riksarkivet, Jernbanemuseet and archives in Norway and abroad. The summer has been spent sorting this material. Project leader Andino is now structuring the material into 17 stations that together create a narrative that includes Soviet forced laborers, time witnesses remembering the Nazi-German attack at the fortress, people incarcerated, the prisoner baraques etc.

What is neccesary now is to make bundles of material that the pupils at the media department of the secondary school can transform into stations that will constitute the soundwalk. 

Tore Lund, Cand. philol and historian and previous teacher at the school will continue to follow the process. Since texts in various forms become crucial in the new development, former Head of Education at Norsk Barnebokinstitutt, Dag Larsen takes the role as editor. It is necessary to hire an advisor for the development of the  leitmotif parts. Thanee Andino continues as project leader. But the new development requires a new financial support. In our budget Andino´s salery equals 4,5 weeks of work. This is of course not realistic with the development of the project. We cross our fingers that we will manage to get the money needed to finish this work.   







“... the landscape tells - or rather is - a story. It enfolds the lives and times of predecessors who, over the generations, have moved around in it and played their part in its formation. To perceive the landscape is therefore to carry out an act of remembrance, and remembering is not so much a matter of calling up an internal image, stored in the mind, as of engaging perpetually with the environment that is itself pregnant with the past.” 
― Tim Ingold, The Temporailty of the Landscape 1993

Foto: Arkivverket