Sound installation at the Faculty of Fine Art,

Music and Design in Bergen 8th - 10th October


Interviews with Norwegian illustrators and mediation of the illustration research in the project. 


HVIS DETTE VAR ET MENNESKE (If this was a human being) is a didactic workshop method for teaching about antisemitism and racism. The research is developed in  cooperation with Falstadsenteretet in Trøndelag. Continue reading 

October 2020: The first IN-R symposium took place as a digital event with speakers from different fields of artistic practice. See the symposium her: DAY 1 and DAY 2

The  B-O-O-K project explores performative aspects of artist books and illustration as tangible objects. Continue reading

Illustration performance on ethics in research.

Performed on September 30th in Tårnsalen, 

Univeristy of Bergen. 

October 10th - 17th 2021 Our partner institution Koc University in Turkey organized the symposium and workshops info

How may the contemporary illustrator address topics of shared memory and representation of

the Holocaust? Plenery speaker Hilde Kramer at Transitus, the 12th Illustration Research symposum 2022


The final IN-R symposium takes place in 2023. More info coming soon!

Using central topics in illustration such as 'character', SOUND AS ILLUSTRATION investigates WWII history from Momarken, Norway. Continue reading.

Book of Remembrance was performed at various locations in Bergen 5-12 September 2020.

PhD fellow Thilde Dalager researches how illustration can act on behalf of the underrepresented and disadvantaged social group such as people with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). Continue reading

Return Ticket to Oslo is a sound narrative building on the biography of Ervin Løffler, a sculpturer who arrived to Momarekn in 1947 among other Jewish displaced persons.  

The WORK IN PROGRESS seminar too place 2in February / March at KMD, Bergen. Scketches, rejected ideas, tests and artistic works.

This project combines illustration with didactic learning methods and drama pedagogy  to encourage critical thinking about democracy and human rights.