Learn more about the Time Portal Technology

Learn more about the Time Portal Technology

Learn more about the Time Portal Technology




This new world is both a place and an organism.  It's a gaia cyborg. It's a global colony. It's a critical zone where everything is interlinked through its natural or artificial processes. Through its system it redistributs life resources, balancing overdraws by individual parts, so that all parts, vital for the survival of the colony, can thrive.


The transition into this world occurred at the end of the Warm War II, when there was an code intrusion from a future point in time.


The intrusion was made possible due to the activation of a temporal access point. Opening a portal from which an unknown future could access that present.

It was after a long time experimentation with bending time and space with laser. The experiments was implementations of the theories, of Ronald Mallet, professor in physics.


The fusion caused by the code had the same effect as a new natural law. Redefining the basic conditions of life everywhere.


The final activation was the result af a decision by the UN(?) and its agreement that this would be the last resort to changing the destructive course that earth was set towards with its colonisation of the future through the constant overdraw of resourses by the present.


We are this world with our bodies. We feel it, stronger and stronger, but still only vaguely. We are still calibrating our individual habits with the colony’s logic.


For us humans, the system has drastically reduced our possibility to extract resources from the colony, halting practically every activity that previously made up everyday life. When we continue our habits the environment intervene, cancelling them. Lightswitches turn themselves off , cars break down, but start again when more people enters it. Heating only works in very small rooms or very populated rooms. Energy demanding foods loses taste, nutrition and energy. Often we are caught off guard with deaths and chaos as result.


In order to better adapt and prepare for these interventions humans invent aiding structures, for example legal concepts that help them stay within their allotted share, retrench and prioritise the vital needs.  Nature’s rights laws is one example. This storyworld is another.