A new law of nature has been put into play as a result of the new time technology. A biological / technological intervention from the future has linked all the biology and technology on the planet into an interconnected consciousness. This consciousness distributes the living space in its system to create balance. It restricts all resource use so that each organism has a specific allocated amount of resource / energy to use, there is a direct / local feedback to each withdrawal. Examples of how it can be expressed:


Hot water runs out while showering.


One raindrop made me clean.


Fruit transported long distances lose flavour and nutrition.


Car breaks down, starts again

when more people enters the car.


Elevator stops.


The apple in my own garden tastes better.


Broken cars started running on recycled frying oil.


In a SPAM, the DNA sequence of an abnormal protein whose actual form, if you'd synthetize it, would read "This message to you, human from our past (...)"


A new piece of clothing you've just bought for

cheap at the shops degrades into tatters in a

matter of hours after you put it on.


You wear a new, expensive shirt you've just

bought, but nobody can see you:

you've turned invisible.


An old suit handed down to you by a

parent, after you clean and iron it

affectionately, turns out better than

new - literally: it's now the most

glamorous thing you've ever owned.


You've fixed a hole in dad's old shirt

and are wearing it for an evening out:

you turn all heads and everybody

compliments your look.


Fields of genetically modified and

pesticide sprayed crops yield next to no

rewards and cause the surrounding

neighbourhood to be unlivable due to

polluted ground that it’s treated like a

nuclear wasteland.


A small, biologically tended garden with a healthy

ecosystem (not needing pesticides) thrives and

yields improbable amounts and qualities of food. A

city-block only needs one communal garden to

thrive, and abolishes hunger in that block.


Gas fumes from cars leave an oily, disgusting

residue on any fruits or vegetables that have been

sprayed with pesticides growing in the vicinity.

Anything near a road can’t be grown safely



Inhaling car exhaust creates an allergic

reaction in a person to any produce that were

grown with pesticides.


Fruits from plants affected by new

pesticides are shown to give off fumes

which, if combined with car exhaust,

form a toxic compound.


Pesticides leaking into ground soil are

determined to make their way underground, and

eventually into crude oil reservoirs,

catalyzing a chemical reaction which ruins

the oil, making it mostly unusable.


Inhaling car exhaust creates an allergic

reaction in a person to any produce that was

grown in an energy-intensive hothouse.


Genetically engineered livestock develop a

toxic allergy to exhaust fumes.


Nothing I own ends up in a landfill.


I don't own a car, but I ride in one to some



The price on my device

includes it's energy cost.


I earn profit from converting old things I

find in old landfills into new objects.


I earn credit by returning large

containers I no longer need.


I design deconstruction programs

for old non recyclable products.


My neighbors and I set up our own

mini power grid and we experiment

with sustainable micro power



New eviromentally friendly and

long lasting portarable power

storage makes green power very

attractive in many applications.


My glass window

produces electricity.


I telework from my community

park for a company that rebuilds

devastated habitats.


Bottled water tastes like sand

and petroleum - it gives you an

ever-increasing thirst.


Put your ear close to lithium-ion

batteries and you can hear the

screams and smell the sweat and

blood of the tortured souls who

were worked to death extracting

rare minerals.


Car exhaust comes out black and

doesn't fade away into the air.


Lightswitches turn themselves off

when you leave the room.


Recyclable containers moan piteously

when placed in the garbage.


Air sealed within plastic

packaging takes on a terrible

odour which is released when it

is torn open and lingers in the

vicinity for hours.


Plastic bottles feel heavier than glass ones.


Place a couple plastic containers into

the recycling bin and it immediately

fills up - it can't hold any more. No

matter how often you empty it, it just

takes a couple bottles to fill it up



You cycle or walk to your

destination and it's only when

you get there that you realize

a very short time has passed -

you got there much faster than

if by car.