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Lina Persson
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This exposition is a world. A world characterised by a radical climate justice, due to the intrusion from the future, at the culmination of the Warm War II The practical implementation of the theories, of professor in physics Ronald Mallet, opened up a temporal access point in the present from a deep future point in time. The intrusion set off something analogous to a new natural law. Redefining the basic conditions of life everywhere. The temporal access point appeared after a long time experimentation with bending time and space with laser. This temporal technology was nothing like the timetravel sceince fiction we were used to. When this technology was activated, a timetunnel started growing & continue to grow for as long as connected to a power source. In the present noone knows for how long that is. The final activation was the result af a decision by the Global Colony and its agreement that this was the last resort to changing the destructive course earth was set towards with its colonisation of the future and constant overdraw of resourses. With this technology the powerrelationship between present and future would shift. Allowing futures to implement its research in earlier ponts in time, by sending back subatomic particles that could be transfered to digital code. The recieved code came with instructions, and when it was released it spread through all processes on earth, from technology, to biology, to chemistry and meteorology connecting everything in a social global organism. The purpose with the new organism was to distribute life resources in a way that keep the colony (earth) alive. Balancing the withdraws between different agents in the ecosystem
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