This time technology does not allow us to explore spectacular futures. This time machine opens a one-way portal giving the future access to the present. It opens a door to a unknown that we can not enter, without knowing what we would let in.


This future unknown, this Tempus Nullius, a colonised no-mans-time, who’s resources has been up for grabs for those who can take as much as possible as quickly as possible will now be able to react to this colonialization. The inhabitants in these future eras does now have the means with which to claim or act out their rights.


When Mallets time machine is turned on for the first time a time-tunnel will start to grow. As time passes this tunnel grows. In any point in time it would be possible to send information/subatomic particles, back in time as to the moment when the machine was first turned on.  But it would never be possible to go to the future simply because the tunnel would not be there yet. This makes the moment of turning on the machine a moment of truth, of facing the future on equal terms making totally new kind of legal claims possible.