Visual Research

Visual research is an excellent way to start the work in art. It gives an idea about what has been done and what new one can explore. Following on this notion, I researched various artists engaged in spirituality both in past and in present. This activity served as a quick guide to help me organise and create my works. Taking these ideas to my sketchbook, I reflected on them and investigated the possible directions and routes my works might take. The initial sketches were rough, however, refining the ideas, design and structure helped me to develop a 'personal vision and a new way of seeing and exploring ideas' (Parker 2005). It offered me fresh creative ways of exploring spirituality in art and prepared me to 'embark on a creative personal journey of exploration and discovery' (Parker 2005). 

• Parker, J. (2005). A Consideration of the Relationship Between Creativity and Approaches to Learning in Art and Design. JADE 24.2. NSEAD: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.