The Matrix

The Matrix is a series of interconnections and intricacies behind which lies the world of peace. This work provides new insight and perception to the viewer and counsels him that irrespective of the odds of life, an error free spiritual world is in waiting. The condition is to peep into the self and try to decode the matrix; keys of which lie within.

The matrix represents the false connections of world and sets the stage for growth of a soul to the higher realm, thus the story revolves around the negation of materiality and the benefits of spirituality. A soul’s struggle to free her from the shackles of materialism and enter into the reality or into a state, which no eye has seen and no ear has heard, is the core idea. Initially, the path may look obscure; however, may ease gradually with higher understanding, peace, and illumination. In totality, the work describes the secret operations of nature under the guise of intricacies and invites the viewer to explore the grand design.

The Matrix 1 

This work is similar to The Matrix; however, the intricacies have simplified, and the corporeal body has left behind. The soul is waiting for an opening that would bring a new understanding and transcend to a higher level.

Opening of the Square 

Opening of the square reveals the world beyond The Matrix. It informs the viewer about the path, the opening that would open doors to a new dimension and awareness.