Compressing a video on Apple computers Mac OS(X)

If you are using windows, go here.

Conversion using QuickTime

If you have synced the video from your phone to your Photos app, click here.

If the video is a file stored on your harddisk, the easiest way to make it smaller is by exporting it from QuickTime (see screenshots below).

If you really have a very slow connection, it can be worthwhile to compress the video using the application HandBrake, which will result in a very small filesize without loss of quality. Full instructions about Handbrake are here.

- or -

If the video is just a file saved to your disk, click here.


Now choose File -> Export As -> 720p

In Photos (nl: Foto's), select the video from the gallery:

Store it somewhere on your disk.

Converting will take a few minutes and some power, so you may want to connect you computer to a power source.

Then proceed to step 3.

Then open the menu file, choose export, export 1 Video:

Choose 720p and click Export:

That's all, go to step 3.