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Appendix : Three articles


Presentation of the artwork HAV orchestrated by Elin T. Sørensen with co-creators.

Staged at the Norwegian BioArt Arena NOBA Vitenparken Campus Ås February-October 2020.
Curated by Annike Flo,
artistic leader NOBA

The Blue Mussels Voice

Is it worthwhile reaching out to organisms we cannot communicate with, and that most likely do not need our presence?
How may we listen to critters other than us, and how can this make sense within urban development? In seeking answers to these questions, this essay is dedicated to one small and challenged creature – the blue mussel.

Essay in “Special Edition Oslofjord Ecologies an AnthologyThe Journal Acoustic Space 2020. Edited by Kristin Bergaust, Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design Oslo Metropolitan University.

Work title: Enhancing marine biodiversity in urban seas: Towards
a possible framework, design toolkit, and a common language

To reach sustainable bluescapes, the many different stakeholders within urban waterfront renewals need

a common conceptual framework. By providing step-by-step guidelines and principles from preparation, planning and implementation, as well as an adaptive further development and maintenance, we draw up

a framework, a toolkit forming the beginning of a common language for a marine friendly landscape architecture in urban sea areas.

Paper prepared for submission to a peer-reviewed journal,

co-written by marine biologist Dr. Eli Rinde NIVA and Elin T. Sørensen May/June 2020.