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PhD Program in Artistic Research

Artistic Research at The University of Stavanger The programme field Artistic research aims to contribute to a stronger relation between academia and the art field itself. At The University of Stavanger, we introduce the concept Artistic Research as an option to the Research and development field. The intention is also to connect the work to an international discourse. Artistic research involves essential elements in the performance of music and dance. In both of the artistic fields, independent of choice of style, a performance will be built on a tradition, an existing knowledge, but also on innovation and transdisciplinarity. The performance and the practicing perspective can be distinguished from other events through the identity of the artistic expression. The temporary art experience will build a foundation for the sequent knowledge development through innovation, reflection and teaching. In exploring the artistic work through the perspective of performance, it is necessary to do so with an idea that includes diversity towards the artistic expression. Also, it is important to provide for the craft, the innovation, the writtenness from different traditions’ , the documentation and the communication. This is the artistic expression in process, from idea to action, as we find it on scores and discs, on concerts and performances.
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