Johan Stenstrøm


Johan Stenström is professor of Comparative and Swedish Literature at Lund University. Until recently, he was also the leader of Lund University’s School of Creative Writing. Many of his works deal with questions about literature and its relation to other arts, especially the relationship between literature and music. In his dissertation Aniara – från versepos till opera (1994) he analysed the transformation of Harry Martinson’s verse epic Aniara into an opera by Karl-Birger Blomdahl including, for instance, how genre-specific operatic features have affected the transformation of the text.


His latest monograph is about the reception of Carl Michael Bellman, poet and singer-songwriter of the 18th century. Building on the idea that memory is a social and cultural phenomenon, he examines the different manifestations of a cultural memory connected with Bellman. Stenström is currently leading a project that includes scholars from several disciplines within the humanities. The project focuses on Jacob Jonas Björnståhl, orientalist and traveller during the second half of the 18th century.


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