Maria Høgh-Mikkelsen

Denmark (residence) °1972
research interests: colour, design, material, aesthetics, artistic research, textile, atmosphere, phenomenlogy, creativity, Design research, design process
affiliation: Design School Kolding

I am a Danish designer, researcher and educator. I am passionate about design and especially about how we design. My expertise lies in the intersection between colour and material design, design methodology, aesthetic practise and education. I am currently studying a PhD at Kolding School of Design where I previously have worked as Senior Lecturer. See my full profile here:

With the PhD project "Exploring an experimental and material-based colour design practice" I investigate how elements from classical colour theory and aesthetic theory of atmosphere can form both the basis for the development of an experimental and material-based colour design practice and the basis of a contemporary colour terminology using harmony and atmospheres as perspectives to analyse and discuss the designed colour combinations. The PhD project is funded by Independant Research Fund Denmark and situated in the Lab for Social Design at Design School Kolding. The project runs from the 1st of january 2021 to the 31st of december 2023. See more about the project here: or follow the project at instagram/


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