Emlyn Stam

Netherlands °1984
research interests: early recordings, 19th century, 19th century performance practice, contemporary music

Master of Music, MoM
Fontys Fine and Performing Arts 



  • Doctor of Arts (2014) connected to: Polifonia
    Degree: Doctorate, Leiden University (Netherlands), Orpheus Institute (Belgium), recipient: Emlyn Stam
  • Early 20th century performing styles in viola playing and chamber music and the search for contemporary applications
    Polifonia project, Principal Investigator: Emlyn Stam
    This purpose of this research trajectory is to integrate elements of early 20th century performance practice into contemporary playing with regards to the viola and string chamber music. A thorough study of early recordings should lead to a set of defined possibilities to be integrated in contemporary performances. This should be undertaken first through carbon copying several early recordings and later applying some mimetically learned elements to performances of other works. A broader understanding of early 20th century performance styles will also be achieved through thorough analysis of recordings with computer-analytic tools and an in depth look at some of the writing and treatises devoted to performances in the period. The hope is that a deeper understanding can be reached of differences between contemporary and early 20th century performance styles and that these stylistic elements can refresh contemporary performance practice.


Exposition: Developing confidence: excerpts and preparation tools for orchestral cello auditions. (14/02/2022) by Paula Delgado
Emlyn Stam 21/02/2022 at 23:48

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