Teunis Van Der Zwart

Netherlands (citizenship) °1964



  • Doctor of Arts (2014) connected to: Polifonia
    Degree: Doctorate, Amsterdam University (Netherlands), Orpheus Institute (Belgium), recipient: Teunis Van Der Zwart
  • Giovanni Punto (1746-1803), cor basse virtuoso; his instrument, his technique, his music and his life.
    Polifonia project, Principal Investigator: Teunis Van Der Zwart
    Research on the life and work of Giovanni Punto (1746-1803), hornplayer, composer, conductor, violinist; who traveled Europe as a virtuoso on the horn, performing his own concerti and chamber music as a cor basse (low horn) player. Practice-as-research on the following topics: The cor basse player as soloist. Advantages of the use of a (silver) cor solo. Advantages of the wider mouthpiece that was standard for cor basse players. Use of multiphonics on the (natural) horn. Search for other than horn music from this composer.


Exposition: Batterie & Baroque Guitars (22/10/2020) by Matthew Xie
Teunis Van Der Zwart 31/01/2020 at 17:29

Great plan, but I think you should narrow it down to something a bit smaller, like a scene, and do that really well. Otherwise the organisation will make up for a lot of time you also need for other things.