Thomas Bjørnsten


Thomas Bjørnsten (b. 1976) is a postdoc at the School of Culture and Communication, Aarhus University (Denmark). His research currently focuses on a three-year project (2014-17) entitled “Making sense of data - understanding digital reality through contemporary artistic practices of visualization and sonification” ( He is a member of the IDEAS pilot center Literature between Media and his work has otherwise been concerned with the relations and interchanges of dissimilar forms and mediums of art, investigated for instance in his PhD dissertation ”The Noise and Silence of Artefacts – Medial Passages in Sound, Literature, and Visual Art” (2013). He writes about sound, digital art, and experimental music for various magazines and journals such as Seismograf and Nutida Musik, and is co-editor of The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics ( and editor of SoundEffects – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Experience (


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