Martin Nachbar

Germany (residence) °1971

 Martin Nachbar, Berlin, is a performer and choreographer. He trained at the AMCh and the SNDO, Amsterdam, in New York, and at PARTS, Brussels. Nachbar collaborated with artists of different fields: Thomas Plischke, Vera Mantero, Les Ballets C. de la B., Meg Stuart, Jochen Roller, Paul Hendrikse, Martine Pisani, Benjamin Schweitzer a.o. His pieces include „Urheben Aufheben“, with a reconstruction of Dore Hoyer’s „Affectos Humanos“, and „Repeater“, in which Nachbar invited his non-dancer father to dance with him. In Nachbar's "The Walk" he and his five collaborators look at walking as dancing. The piece has seen an indoors version and it took place outdoors, once around the block of the theater. "Animal Dances", an exploration of animal-human relatinships through imitation, and "Thingamajig", an attempt to look at dance and watching dance as interwoven physical work, are Nachbar's latest productions. Nachbar teaches and tours internationally. He is currently member of the research and PhD group "Assembly & Participation" at the HCU Hamburg, where he conducts transdisciplinary reserach on walking in groups as a mode of communal and performative influencing city spaces.



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