Morten Riis


Morten Riis (born 1980) holds a PhD degree from Aarhus University where his research primarily is situated within the media archaeological research tradition. He currently holds a post doc position at Aarhus University, and was director of electronic music composition at the Royal Academy of Music 2013-2014.

Besides his academic work he is a very active sound artist having received numerous grants and commissions, released several albums, played numerous concerts and exhibited sound installations in Denmark, Sweden, England, France, Poland, Finland, Germany and China.


In his research Riis is drawing on micro-temporal media archaeology paired with object-oriented ontology in an attempt to uncover and give new perspectives on the sounding object through and with technology. This happens through a conceptualization revolving around a practiced based philosophy developed from the writings of Ian Bogost and Timothy Morton, in which carpentry becomes the practice of constructing and engaging with artifacts that do philosophical work - thus not only presenting a theory in practice, but moreover practice as theory.


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