Tobias Gaede

Portugal (residence), Brazil (citizenship) °1983
research interests: visual art
affiliation: Universidade do Porto / Universidade Federal do Ceará

Tobias Gaede is a visual artist, researcher, and cultural producer at the Culture and Art Institute (ICA). He has been a member of the Balbucio Project, a collective of artists based in Fortaleza, Brazil, since its foundation in 2003 and actively participates in the Laboratory for Research on Body, Communication, and Art (LICCA) at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate in fine arts at the University of Porto and holds a degree in Social Communication, along with a Master's Degree in Photography and Audiovisual from the UFC. In 2020, Tobias Gaede published his debut novel, "Depredador," and has presented academic papers and artistic works at institutions and events such as ICIA (Poland), D-Construction (Israel), Actamedia - Colloque Multidisciplinaire de Processus Écriture (France), Seeing in Tongues - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (USA), Besides the Screen (UK and Mexico), EmMeio#7.0 (Portugal), Incubarte - Asociación Cultural (Spain), Under the Subway - The ANNEX Art Social Space (USA), Project Space Kleiner Salon (Germany), Performa 09 and 11 (Portugal), the Festival Palco Giratório, the Bienal de Dança do Ceará (Brazil), and DeVerCidade (Brazil).


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