Lucy Willow

liminal, transience, mortality, dust, mourning
United Kingdom (residence) °1967
affiliation: Falmouth University

The concept of liminal space and how it can be physically constructed through installation, drawings, video and sound as a site for mourning are key interests addressed in my visual and writing practice. In spaces that have been left long enough to collect dust, gather stains, for time to be present in the layers of dust gathered over objects, my work finds its place. Abandoned site is central to investigating the themes of loss and bereavement within my work; they reflect a melancholic out of placeless in the world. Capturing the fleeting, passing and ephemerality of bleak settings is of particularly interest; what can be felt and not seen. The space that is yet to crumble and completely disappear, it sits in between, neither becoming nor disintegrating, like the lost or forgotten object-this is the dwelling place of ghosts, of hauntings, the walking dead, of the gothic narrative. Responding to spaces that hover outside the rational, that are forgotten or abandoned, empty buildings, old houses, abattoirs, factory settings, under the floorboards, the artist becomes the narrator, the protagonist.


Dust Carpet


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