mari martin
Finland (citizenship) °1965
research interests: performance, collaboration, artistic processes, environment, senses, interaction, encountering, urban space, artistic research, dialogue
affiliation: Visiting researcher in the Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) / University of the Arts Helsinki


I am a live-artist and researcher, whose background is in theater, dance and art pedagogy. I have always worked in the performing arts in different positions, in different professional roles: as a director, an actor, a choreographer, a dancer, a teacher, a researcher. Of all this, I constantly filter my way of thinking about art and existence.


In 2014, I defended my dissertation (in the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki) on an autobiographical performance. I am currently working as a visiting researcher at the University of the Arts Helsinki. I study the relationship of the human being to urban environments and the importance of art in that relationship.




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