Livia Daza-Paris

Decolonial Methodologies
Canada (residence), Canada, Venezuela (citizenship) °1964
research interests: body reconceptualization, non-human, decolonial, Latin American art, haptic spatiality, Cold War-era, Nonrepresentational Theory, Attunement, forensis
affiliation: University of Plymouth, UK. Art-led Research, Art & Media Doctoral Candidate

Venezuelan-Canadian interdisciplinary artist and researcher Livia Daza-Paris incorporates performance, documentary evidence, moving image works, and poetic narratives to explore themes of unresolved memories, place and non-official history. She has diverse influences, most importantly the dance and poetics of the Skinner Releasing Technique and the aesthetics of Grotowski’s theatre. She holds postgraduate degrees in Community Economic Development and Digital Technologies in Design Arts from Concordia University, Canada, and an MFA from Transart Institute. Currently, Livia is undertaking an art-led Ph.D. at the University of Plymouth, UK.



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