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Exposition: Building Material Conversations (16/08/2017) by Scott Andrew Elliott et al.
Victoria Hunter 23/01/2019 at 11:05

This is a very interesting and engaging account of a creative intervention into built space informed by ideas and themes of new materialist practice and theory. The submission provides a very pragmatic and informative overview of the the project's key concerns, methods and practices and usefully presents some of the resulting materials (such as creative writing assemblages) that help to illustrate how the researchers investigated both the key research concerns and specific modes of presenting emerging research materials in a format that offers real insight for other researchers / artists and offers useful examples / approaches for others to employ. I thoroughly enjoyed the balance of reflective writing, theoretical exploration, practical description, illustrations and images that helped to convey a sense of the complexity and many layered, multi-faceted nature of the research project.

Exposition: Movement Intervention within British Post-War Architecture (01/01/2014) by Jaimie Henthorn
Victoria Hunter 04/06/2014 at 13:30

This is a very interesting and engaging exposition of a site-based creative process. The artist's engagement with Husserl and Adorno's theories, in particular notions of intersubjectivity and 'pairing' help to articulate the creative approach and inform the reading of the performance work. The artist's knowledge of architectural practice is usefully employed to inform the development of the practice-based research that questions and interrogates body-architecture relationships and explores the emerging findings through movement and dance. The artist's reflection on the work is critically informed and some interesting insights are presented, the visual material and performance footage presented helps to create a clear picture of the work and situates the reader / viewer well within a particular performance / research 'world'. I enjoyed reviewing this work and welcome this type of discursive documentation as a valuable record of site-specific dance / movement practice that clearly explicates  a particular practice-based approach.