Andreas Aase

Norway °1967
affiliation: Nord University, Levanger, Norway / NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

I'm a musician from Norway trying to create a Scandinavian contemporary language for the acoustic guitar, by drawing heavily on tradition and talking to the past from the present. 


My instruments are built by Arnt Rian in Trondheim, and by Tyko Runesson in Switzerland. I record for Øra Fonogram. 

Following a career in conventional pop and rock music, I became curious about the musical traditions embedded in the landscape around the fjord where I grew up. Over five solo albums, as well as one in collaboration with fiddler Sturla Eide, I have attempted to adress central issues of timbre, attack, form, improvisation, interplay, solo playing, harmony and ornamentation as a personal version of musical tradition is slowly emerging from under my fingertips.

In 2009, I finished a research project within the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, focusing on improvisation in connection with traditional music. The exposition "FolkImprov" is an abbreviated version of this project's methodical sections. I serve as professor of guitar at Nord University, Levanger, Norway, and as professor II in documentation of artistic research at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.


You can find examples of my music at


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