Behzad Khosravi Noori

Sweden °1976
research interests: Contemporary art, contemporary history, Film-making, micro-histories, autoethnography, politics of representation, politics of memory, colonial memory, Global South, Archivology
affiliation: Postdoc researcher Goldsmith

Behzad Khosravi-Noori research-based practice includes films, installations, as well as archival studies. His works investigate histories from The Global South, labour and the means of production, and histories of political relationships that have existed as a counter narration to the east-west dichotomy during the Cold War. He analyzes contemporary history to revisit memories beyond borders, exploring the entanglements and non/aligned memories. Behzad Khosravi Noori uses personal experience as a springboard to establish, through artistic research, a hypothetical relationship between personal memories and significant world events, between micro and macro histories. His works emphasize films and historical materials to bring the questions such as what happens to the narration when it crosses the border? or what is the future of our collective past?


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