Seth Ayyaz


Seth Ayyaz is a sound artist, composer, performer, and theorist based in London (UK). Drawing on his background in psychiatry, neurosciences, and psychoanalysis, his work is concerned with sounds as emergent properties of biological, psychological, and social systems; and how these can be speculatively intervened into, reshaped, and diverted through processes of assemblage and heterogenous engineering. He recently completed a doctorate in studio-based composition: “What Can a Sonic Assemblage Do? A Biopsychological Approach to Post-acousmatic Composition.” 

His work offers counter-narratives to current metaphors of cultural exchange and hybridity, instead foregrounding issues of friction, displacement, and translation.

Ayyaz has presented work internationally including Maerz Music, Berlin; Kunsthalle Luzern; Irtijal Festival, Beirut; Haus Für Elektronische Künste, Basel; Sibelius Academy, Helsinki; and Cafe Oto, London. He curated the Mazaj Festival of experimental Middle-Eastern music, and Volatile Frequencies in London (2010). His writings and interviews include publications for The Wire, Organised Sound, and Ibraaz.


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