Mehdi Mark Nazemi


Mark Nazemi is a Sound & Research Designer from Vancouver, Canada. He is currently pursuing a PhD at Simon Fraser University, School of Interactive Arts & Technology. His research into sound and pain management has been featured at international conferences such as CHI 2013, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 8th Congress of the European Pain Federation, Siggraph Asia, Audio Mostly, Artech and media such as CBC radio, American News Report, and GRAND NCE. Recently, he received the Quality Service Award by the Kaiser Permanente Journal and the R. Murray Schafer scholarship for his Soundscape research. You can learn more about his work by visiting


His theoretical research interests are to use sensorial ethnographic studies to help understand the role of empathy in healthcare. Furthermore, he is investigating technologies that could be developed or appropriated to allow patients self-manage their pain, specifically chronic type pains.


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