Xavier Mendik

Professor of Cult Cinema Studies
United Kingdom °1969
research interests: Representations in cult and horror cinema, Images of terrorism in cult film traditions, Documentary film practices, Italian cinema and society, Culture and conflict in Canadian film
affiliation: Birmingham City University UK

Xavier Mendik is Professor of Cult Cinema Studies at Birmingham City University, from where he also runs the Cine-Excess International Film Festival (www.cine-excess.co.uk). He has written extensively on cult and horror film traditions. His publications (as author/editor/co-editor) include Bodies of Desire and Bodies in Distress: The Golden Age of Italian Cult Cinema (2015), Peep Shows: Cult Film and the Cine-Erotic (2012) The Cult Film Reader (2008) and Shocking Cinema of the Seventies (2002).


He has also completed a number of documentaries on cult horror film traditions including Cabin Fever: Fear Today, Horror Tomorrow (2004), Fear at 400 Degrees: The Cine-Excess of Suspiria (2010), The Long Road Back From Hell: Reclaiming Cannibal Holocaust (2011),  Tax Shelter Terrors: The Real Story of Canadian Cult Film (2017) , That’s La Morte: Italian Cult Cinema and the Years of Lead (2018) and The Quiet Revolution: State, Society and the Canadian Horror Film (2020 [festival cut]).


Current Research Interests:

  • Marginal communities in American horror
  • Horror film traditions and terrorist fears
  • Gender in European horror cinema
  • Horror as a mechanism for community engagement
  • Canadian horror film traditions and industry practices
  • Horror Studies through practice as research
  • Horror and cult film festivals



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