Not Even the Dead Will Survive (2020)

Adria Julia

About this exposition

The Pinacoteca de São Paulo museum, managed by the State of São Paulo Culture and Creative Economy Department, presents from October 26, 2019, to February 16, 2020, the show Adrià Julià: Nem mesmo os mortos sobreviverão [Not Even the Dead Will Survive] — the first solo exhibition of the artist, born in Barcelona in 1974, to be held in Brazil. The show is curated by Fernanda Pitta, the museum’s curator, and artworks will be displayed on the courtyard and in two rooms adjoining the long-term exhibition of Pinacoteca’s collection, on the second floor of the museum building. The works call into question the implications of the techniques of replication, printing and authentication that directed the flow of images in the early days of photography.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsPhotography, artwork, Money, visual arts, Installation Art, site specific artwork, Hercule Florence, Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo, Printing
last modified16/11/2020
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copyrightAdrià Julià, Pinacoteca de São Paulo
licenseAll rights reserved
published inResearch Catalogue
external linkhttp://pinacoteca.org.br/en/programacao/adria-julia-not-even-the-dead-will-survive-2/

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1048419 CF006373 sc Adrià Julià All rights reserved
1048428 Fortuitous Encounter Adrià Julià All rights reserved

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