A deleuzian diagram for Foucault (2022)

Evi Jägle
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On the basis of the diagram that Deleuze made about Foucault himself to draw a path through his work, the lines are traced that bring it into contact with the cinematic thinking from Deleuze's time-image and movement-image and which kind of junctions between the works were found. A kinematographic view on Foucault projects him onto a filmic expression. For Deleuze, Foucault’s diagram is an exterior that gives his own thinking a layered structure, a layered formation. The layers form deposits and the reference to the outside of the diagram as a cinematographic cutting apparatus calls the visibilities and sayings into question again by assembling them together in such a way that an alogical cut is created. The creation of which must be sought. The distance in the power relations, which is reflected in the visible and the sayable, was able to experience a view with a transition to the film books that attaches a constitutive character to the interval and does not have to ignore it. A video expression will give the diagram of Foucault a visible character and uses Foucaults work as instruction or stage directions for how the sayable and seeable are connected.
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keywordsDeleuze, Foucault, Film-Philosophy
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