At Home in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles Festival Neighborhood (2021)

Edda Bild, Daniel Steele, and Catherine Guastavino

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Urban festivals have traditionally been considered incompatible with residential areas because of their contrasting sonic characters, where the sounds of festivals are treated as a nuisance for residents. However, the neighborhood dedicated to housing festivals in downtown Montreal is also the home of diverse groups of residents and workers. Based on a diary and interview study with residents of the Quartier des spectacles festival neighborhood, and building upon research on touristification, festivals as third places, and soundscape, we explored what it meant to be at home in a festival neighborhood, focusing on the sonic experiences of locals. Findings provided a more nuanced portrayal of everyday life in a dense, lively urban environment transformed through touristification. Residents do not consider the sounds of festivals as a primary source of annoyance; on the contrary, these sounds inspire them to engage with their neighborhood, suggesting a more porous living experience between indoor and outdoor spaces. Drawing on the characterization of other imagined residents by our participants, we conclude by introducing the idea of soundscape personas as a practical method in participatory decision-making for the future of the neighborhood.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsQuartier des spectacles, festivals, touristification, locals, festivalgoers, residents, home, public festival places, audience, soundscape, interviews, diaries, soundscape persona
last modified14/06/2021
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licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue21. Issue 21

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