The PentaPuzzle (2021)

Kristoffer Borgen
Henning Kristoffer Borgen

About this exposition

The PentaPuzzle has the user placing objects of different shapes into openings in a pentagon shaped puzzlebox. The different objects only fit into certain spots on the box. If all the objects are fitted into the correct place, the light inside will turn on and shine through the top of the stylized box, casting a pattern of shadows onto the surrounding environment. This gives the user the satisfaction on making objects fit through openings, while also giving a sense of accomplishment and a visual reward for completing the puzzle. The primary qualities of the puzzlebox is it’s pentagonical shape, it's many slots to put objects into and how it lights up when all it's conditions are fullfilled. Throughout the user's experience, it will take advantage of the user’s sense of feeling and sight. To improve the product in the future, i would use a better light-source in order to make the light more apparent. I would also use magnets in order to give the shapes a better tactile feeling as the user inserts them into the box.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsPuzzlebox, light, Puzzle
last modified07/12/2021
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copyrightHenning Kristoffer Borgen
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published inResearch Catalogue

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