Preludium: The Memory Dealer (2015)

Nanette Nielsen, Elizabeth Evans

About this exposition

In this Preludium we clarify the history and scope of The Memory Dealer (TMD), and the methods, ideas, and incentives behind the research presented in the current volume. As a new experimental, “pervasive” drama that exploits digital and personal technologies to create fictional narratives that are then layered onto real world spaces, TMD introduces new possibilities both for storytelling and for the positioning of the audience. As the articles in this volume bear witness to, TMD can be thought of as a new kind of “sound narrative”; what remains the most direct experience of the drama is undoubtedly the soundtrack. As a novel soundworld prompting new responses – responses that can be explored and analyzed – TMD is a rare form of documentation that offers fertile ground for exploration.
typeresearch exposition
keywordssound narrative, Pervasive drama, digital and personal technologies
last modified07/05/2015
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue09. Issue 9

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