All that glitters and black holes (last edited: 2024)

Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni

About this exposition

Design, 1995-96, 2023. Design, 1996-97. Photography, 2010, 2011. Essay, 2015. Collage Text, 2022. The exposition serves as commentary and guide on the place of art, in a gradually environmentally and technologically challenged world. The re-design proposal, inspired by De Stijl, illustrates the modernist historical view that art appears to be regressive, rather than progressive: as soon as a movement or a school becomes established, reaching its culmination, it starts declining. Finally, I have included a graduate school architectural design project in the archaeological site of Eleusis accompanied by new commentary. With essay about experimental film making in the British avant-garde, published in "Architecture and Culture" journal, 2015. About how to navigate this exposition: Scroll from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, then scroll to the top right, then scroll to the bottom right.
typeresearch exposition
keywordscommentary, environmentalism, urbanism, industrial, nature, ritual art, visual perspective of public spaces, architecture, kinaesthetic perception, mass media, Archaeology, Sculpture
last modified02/03/2024
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationIndependent, University of East London, National Technical University of Athens
licenseAll rights reserved

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1541895 paintings1 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1541897 paintings2 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1541899 paintings3 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1541904 paintings4 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1541910 paintings4 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1541920 paintings5 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1541931 paintings6 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1549011 FilmArchitecturalCritique_Architecture&Culture Draft Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1549021 Media_jpeg William Raban: British Artist’s Films, 2003 [Videorecording] London: BFI All rights reserved
1553726 photo Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1553793 plasticbottleinstructions Creative Commons All rights reserved
1553810 arrow - copy P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1553812 arrow - copy P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2055869 De Stijl remade Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2055874 De Stijl proposal Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2061178 Scan0002 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2066924 group of residencies for scientists Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2074797 MA mineral table Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
2075022 Entrance to archaeological site - urban planning model Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2075031 Entrance to archaeological site with open air theatre- view from ground Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2075039 Entrance to archaeological site with open air theatre - detail Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2075360 Model section Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2075370 Section Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2075375 Model section _ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2075382 Entrance to archaeological site - detail _ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2106270 josephkosuth Creative Commons Public domain
2108860 St Sebastian Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2108864 St Sebastian Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2115829 Resurrection Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2115852 Resurrection 1 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2115862 Resurrection 3 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2115879 Resurrection 2 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2115921 Resurection 4 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2186535 archaeologists working Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved

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